A recently divorced man retreats from the noisy city each day when he phases in to his quiet apartment on Osiris Level, Unit 7D.

One night he discovers a ghostly woman in his home – only to her, it is he who has appeared in her home.

Johcef and Phee live in a Phased Housing Project, where multiple tenants can occupy the same apartment without being aware of each other. The device that makes this possible is called the Zag.

When the Zag fluctuates and the Levels threaten to merge, more ghostly tenants appear in Johcef’s apartment. The closest thing he has to a friend is Phee, a woman he offended the moment they met.

Unable to escape each other, Johcef and Phee soon discover there are things in the Levels, and each other, they don’t yet understand.

They are the Passengers of 7D.

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